Foundation Friends

Ekaterina Nishanova
Mrs Russia 2019.
Mrs. Gelendzhik 2019. Educator-psychologist.
Mom of two children.
Ellina Belova
1st Vice Mrs. Russia 2014.
Mrs. Veliky Novgorod 2014.
Higher education. Head of the business unit.
Happy mom.
Katerina Trofimova
Queen of Muscovy 2019.
Grand Prix Mrs. Moscow 2019. Member of the Moscow Region Women's Union. Lawyer. Physical education coach.
Mom of five children.
Elena Pupova
Mrs. Veliky Novgorod 2019.
Grand Prix Mrs. Russia 2019.
Two higher educations.
Two children.
Zhanna Volkovich
Queen of the Planet 2015.
City Vladimir
Mom of two children.
Oksana Sas
Mrs. Grace of Russia - 2009.
1 Vice Mrs. Veliky Novgorod 2009.
Mom of 3 children. TV presenter of the Novgorod regional television.
Mother of a special child.
Olga Kuleva
Public figure.
Trustee of the Charitable Foundation "Believe in a Dream".
Grand Prix Mrs. Moscow 2013, Mrs. Internet 2013
Mom of five children.